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Behavioural Public Policy

Learn how behavioural insights can be used to help construct better public policies

Program Objectives

  • Understanding the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of behavioural economics

  • Critically examining how government agencies and nonprofit organizations have used behavioural insights to improve public policy

  • Learning new behaviorally informed policy tools - nudge, choice architecture and more - that can be applied to address problems across sectors


  • Developing a methodology, mindset, and framework to design and implement behavioural change techniques to policy problems

Behavioural Public Policy
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4 Weeks


1-1 Mentorship

100% Online

2-3 Hours Per Week

1 Session of 60 Minutes

Behavioural Economics of Decision-Making

Learn radically new principles of decision-making to improve products, programmes and policies.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the subtle influences that shape people's decision-making

  • Ability to diagnose challenges from a behavioural perspective

  • Learn how we can meaningfully predict and influence human behaviour

  • Develop a user-focused mindset and start to 'Think like a Behavioural Economist'

  • Designing solutions leveraging behavioural change frameworks used by the world's leading behavioural economics consultancies and practitioners

  • Join a community of behavioural economists, scientists and practitioners